BoP Innovation Center

At BoPInc you have the opportunity to do good by doing what you do best. We take a private sector approach to combat poverty. What it really means is that we provide business development support to local companies or to multinationals that want to involve low-income groups (BoP) in their core business. As producer, as entrepreneur or as a consumer.

Bring your skills, knowledge and attitude. Remix it with our unique BoPInc flavour, and apply it to inspiring business cases in Base of the Pyramid markets. Everything is different, and nothing is simple. That's why it's so much fun.

BoPInc believes in the power of co-creation and inclusive business as a means to improve the living standards of the poor. 

We believe that impact-driven entrepreneurship changes the world. For this we nurture go-getters with their entrepreneurial mindset. There is no impact without execution, so we do! We are young, eager to learn and always pushing existing boundaries.

We frequently have positions at the BoP Innovation Center, so make sure to check this page regularly. We do also always except open applications for both job and intern positions.